Sunday, January 19, 2020|Universal Invite to Worship Together at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - Raleigh First Ward 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Task Force of Cary Annual Mlk Celebration

MLK, JR. Annual Celebration in the Triangle Area - January 17, 18 - 20 2020


MLK, Jr. Task Force of Cary, VUR Travel Group, SAAVE and the Community Partner's Consortium  work collaboratively in 2020 to "MAKE A DIFFERENCE". Community Partners Works When Serving & Supporting Each Other. On Friday, 1/17/20, 7 PM-7:30 PM 'One Song' Musical;  Saturday, 1/18/20 Marvino Lane Showdown - Resource Network Forum; Sunday, 1/19/20 Universal Invite to First Ward Sacrament Meeting; Monday, 1/20/20 Commemorative March AM & MLK Day Of Service Project 'Family History Get Started Now'.

Keeping the Dream Alive...From Montgomery to Memphis, King left a rich legacy. Rarely has one individual served as the catalyst for so many significant and permanent social changes. 

The Man, The Dream, Our Opportunity

Martin Luther King, Jr. Task Force of Cary

WFWP/WOA Annual Gathering



Bringing People and Opportunities Together at "SHOWDOWN Resource Network Forum" 1/18/20 see more under programs & initiatives...

March & Community Service Monday, 1/20/20 10AM & 2PM

March Downtown Raleigh NC AM &

MLK Day of Service Triangle Area PM